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October 12, 2010


Hi Everyone, 

Sorry I haven't been on lately, I have been so busy with household and family things that I haven't had a chance to stop in and say HI or even talk about the new things that are going on in my life.

I, however needed to stop in and talk about this weeks Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild theme for blogring... the Theme is "Animal Instinct". When I read this, all I thought about was all those times that my daughter and I have sat together to watch a model show and the word that was used a lot on their shoots with animals or a wild, free spirit woman was the word fierce. Their make-up, facial expressions and body language all said fierce but in reality in did not quite YELL out the FIERCE unless the accessories were on the model. Those accessories were necklaces, necklaces that really brought out the inner ferocious aggressiveness of a woman.

Bellow are a few pictures of fellow guild members necklaces that I believe will make that inner animal instinct show in any woman.

Desert Wind

This Sun Pendant necklace would make anyone look fierce in or out of a photo shoot. I think this would look absolutely gorgeous in a swim suit photo shoot or just to feel fierce even in your back yard pool.

Another piece By: Desert Wind

Now this piece I believe will make any blue eyed person look fierce. The blue hues will make her eyes pop making her look gorgeous and bring out her animal instinct.

Next artist is: Heather Designs

This purple, amethyst necklace will bring the animal instinct out of you. The touch of pearl gives a touch of sophistication, soothing the rock like pieces making the amethyst marble effect pendant pop.

Another piece from Heather Designs

The animal instinct on this piece is on the pendant. By the looks of it, it seems like a scaly type design. I would like to think of it like a snake wrapped on a rock warming her self with the sun rays.

Next two pieces are by:
Emily Claire Creations
This piece will bring out the wild in any outfit. I can picture this necklace with a white blouse, jeans and some stilettos.

Marie Claire Creations

Imagine this piece on a photo shoot where the setting would be on a 150 to 300 year old Water Oak tree with Spanish moss hanging from every limb. The model posing, this piece would incorporate to the scene as one of the birds on the tree.

I hope everyone admires all these pieces and see the animal attraction that I find in them. All these necklaces will completely bring out the animal instinct in anyone making them look FIERCE...


  1. Very good Blog my friend, can't believe it is your first one. Great job.

  2. yes... I have never blogged before...

  3. Bravo! Great blog post dear. Congratulations.

  4. Creative post and you sure selected some amazing pieces to spotlight, what a talented group!

  5. What a wonderful blog and great collection of items.

  6. Great job, interesting post and nice choices! :-D