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November 16, 2010

Gifts for those that are hard to buy for

You know how at work we participate in those Gift Exchanges and some times there is even a price limit to them, well here is a few items made out of Polymer Clay that I think would be great to give out. I also found some great gifts for teachers! I remember when my children were in elementary school how hard it was to buy something for their teachers. I wish I would of had known these Smooshers  back then.

The next 2 items can be found on 11Bold Street
This Trinket Box Set is something great for those working behind a desk. The color is unisex which is a great thing since it's so hard to buy any man a gift.

Silver Copper and Gold

Dori with Sassy Clay Creations made this great item.
This item can be also used for someones desk. It can hold tacks, paper clips

Renaissance Gal of San Antonio also has a great item
Another unisex gift for a business person.... a Business card holder

Next are TEACHERS!!!! yes, some great gifts for teachers...

Another creation from Renaissance Gal from San Antonio
This is a great gift for teachers, mothers, grandmothers, or anyone with a great taste.

C Dowdle Creations also has some great gifts for teachers.

 I think these are so adorable for any cool teacher that LOVES her job....

I hope this blog will help anyone having a hard time, I know I had a blast looking through all the shops from the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild


  1. Very nice write up and thank you for including my "Great gifts for teachers"

    Cindy (CDowdle Designs) @ http://thepurplefroggieclaystuff.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow! TY for including me in this wonderful write-up! I'm honored to be included - what great gift ideas!

  3. Es precioso, ya me he hecho seguidora de tu blog y te invito a visitar el mio http://fimomanualidades.blogspot.com/ Besos desde Barcelona (España)

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