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November 2, 2010

I really think this was a good move

After my husband got his promotion at work we had to leave the life we were all used to in Florida. They gave them the option to move to any major city in Texas, Nevada or Louisianan. I said, well, am not moving to Louisiana, Nevada is too far from Florida, I guess it's going to be Texas. I looked and looked and couldn't find anything in Dallas or Houston that could accommodate what we were used to and all the other places where out of the question. One week my husband had to present himself as the new Regional Director to the office in Denver Colorado, he took pictures and raved about how beautiful the Rockies looked and how he wanted me to come visit with him one week. After he got home he went into more details and showed me all the pictures. It didn't take long for me to say, forget Texas call your boss and ask if Denver would be a possibility. I must say, it didn't take long for the boss to reply back and say YES, if this is where your family wants to move to, I'd rather have you there happy than some where miserable with family problems because they don't like where they moved to. It was settled then, we are moving 1800 miles away from what we are accustomed to. Was I scared to move AGAIN? yes, but I did feel a certain peace that I did not feel while searching for a home in Texas.
The first thing we did when we got here... mind you, our things were still in the moving truck, was go to the foothills. OH THE VIEWS. I was in awe!

Idaho Springs where the Colorado Gold Rush began

That same week we couldn't help our self's but go deeper into the Rockies. As we were winding down a mountain we came to the most beautiful view I had ever saw. It was the town of Estes Park! My husband said I looked like a little girl with my mouth open and my eyes shinning. By the time that we got to the bottom of the mountain, into the town, I realized that I didn't take any pictures of the view. How could I, it was so much beauty for me to take in, it was like if I was inside a postcard. As we continued on to the Rockies our first stop was this:

A river formed by a land slide

Then we went higher up, we stopped at a land marker where it stated that the valley and the the mountain was carved out by an enormous glacier.

Here we go up to the mountain carved by a Glacier to see what we find. Here it is...

We have always went alone to the Rockies, the kids never wanted to go until this past Sunday. My son looked like a kid in a candy store running down the mountain through the snow. He hasn't seen snow in 7 years. I think he was a little excited! What you think?

Manuel going down the mountain

Boy, you can't beat me in a snow ball fight!

My husband got jealous and had to go down the mountain with Manuel.

I think he is happy!

Even though the Rockies are so beautiful and majestic, seeing this big smile confirms me.... This was a good move!

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